Blueberry babes

I have a confession to make.  I love picking fruit.  Infact if I could have a perfect moment to myself, I think I’d find a field of berries or fruit trees and just spend all day there filling bucket after bucket.  Maybe it’s the thrill of so quickly filling an empty bucket with lush beautiful goodness, or maybe it’s the satisfaction of providing yumminess for my family all winter long.  I don’t know precisely why I enjoy this so much, but it is seriously one of my favorite summer activities.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be picking fruit in heaven.

This last week we picked up some friends and went picking at another friend’s blueberry field.  All our kids had a little bucket to fill.  Littlest even had one around his neck.  I put some berries in and he quickly ate them all, and started pulling berries off the bushes, not to eat, but to throw on the ground – or at his brother and sister.  He spent the whole time walking up and down the berry rows picking, teasing, sitting between bushes, pulling grass, and just generally being perfectly content to wander among the head-high (to him) bushes.

All gone?

She is the winner among the kids for most berries picked.  I tried explaining to all of them that if you stay at a bush until it’s picked clean, you’ll get more in your bucket than if you wander from bush to bush picking a few and moving on.  It was a lost cause. The boys spent most of their time munching, playing and dreaming up ways to launch the berries as weapons, but Half-pint, being the only little girl along filled a bucket about 3/4 full.  Way to go, Blueberry Sal! 

When all was said and picked, we ended up with 10 lbs of berries.  I would have picked a ton more just for the sheer pleasure of it, but the kids were done after an hour and a half.  Somehow the offer of more blueberry smoothies during the winter didn’t convince them to keep going.  🙂

Please excuse my foot.  I knew my friends was about to take a picture so I was pushing a handle down, and she caught me.  Oops.   All picture compliments go to my pal, Shanthi!

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