Since then

My last post announced our newest expected addition.  Since then,

  • I’m experiencing the usual food aversions, nausea, bloating, etc of early pregnancy.  I won’t give you all the details.  They aren’t very nice.
  • Oh yes, I’m exhausted.  In addition to pregnancy weariness,  our 15 month old has yet to sleep through an entire night, which means I’m running on next to empty most days.  I sure get a lot of use out of my foundation to hide dark circles.  🙂
  • Our family shared a fun camping trip with my in-laws.  The first night we had thunder, lightning, and rain. Thankfully, we also enjoyed sunshine, beautiful scenery, and swimming in the lake.   It was quite a trip.

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  • We extended our trip to include a night at a hotel – with a swimming pool – for a little R & R.  That evening, we were all asleep at 9.  I guess we needed it.
  • Our house has fallen into a state of disrepair that I only hope to be able to amend upon my arrival in the land of non-sick pregnancy – this usually happens around 16 weeks for me…between 4-6 more weeks.
  • My husband has yet another week of camp to oversee, thus I am single-parenting again.
  • We visited the county fair around here.  I’ve never been to anything so tiny.  It was the perfect fair experience with kids….no lines, great entertainment, the usual greasy fair food (bleh right now in my book, but my family loved it), cotton candy, bull-riding, mutton busting, a barn full of farm animals, exhibits, and carnival rides for the kiddos.  Who needs the big fairs when you get it all in a tiny package.  🙂
  • I held my Bible study on the beach this week. I’ve thought about doing it for over a year now, but it just worked this time.   Such a perfect setting to worship our Creator.   All the kids played in the sand, and the moms sat on a dune overlooking them – no fighting, no space issues, everyone was happy.  This will have to become a new tradition.
  • My greenhouse is producing great salads, the strawberries are finally turning red, and my tomatoes are so close to being ripe…I can hardly wait!!
  • Our children have turned a new shade of brown.  So much sun, so much summer play.  I love this time of year.
  • My good friend, Laura and her family are coming to visit!!!!!  Wait, let me put another one of those, !!!!!
  • I had my first prenatal visit last week.  Got to hear the heartbeat of our growing baby as well as see it moving around. PRECIOUS!  “For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Psalm 139:13

Until next time….

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  1. sorry you’re feeling so sick! I hope it passes quickly! We had one wonderful week of summer last week and now we’re back to 50’s and rain. I think we all got a little sunburned though and barely spent a moment indoors! Bible study on the beach sounds wonderful. I hope you have a great visit with your friend Laura. I sure do miss you guys so much! Hugs!

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