Children are a blessing

Sometimes I look at these kids of mine and my breath gets stolen away. They are beautiful in so many ways. I am constantly amazed at their completely distinct personalities and preferences that I get to learn more about every day.

Oldest needs his time to talk, to just get everything out of his big head and heart. Sometimes the distractions of a family get in the way of his feeling heard. A little outing with just mom or dad does wonders for his emotions and outlook on life. This last date we shared wasn’t extravagant by any means. We just went to the beach, sat on a dune and talked for a bit until an idea struck his fancy that it would be fun to roll down the hill. He soon realized what a lot of work that was and switched to racing himself on foot until he got his time down to 2.8 seconds, top to bottom!!  He is so competitive!  And such a lover.

Half-pint is all into looking pretty these days. She watches me get ready in the morning and always asks to put on “lip lops” too. Of course, once that’s on, her lips have to remain puckered so it’s not smeared or licked. She’s developing her own sense of style and goes all out with her accents and exaggerated walking. At all of five years, she’s ready to be a woman… but not quite. After all, she says she still needs to practice to be a ballet teacher.  She is my sweet, tender girly girl.

Littlest is just full of boy energy. We joke that he has more than his fair share of testosterone because he’s just tough and fearless.  Rooster riding would be right up his alley.  The thing is, he’s the biggest mama’s boy too!  Recently he was experimenting with stamping his feet when he didn’t get his way.  When he realized that didn’t get the desired result from Mom and Dad (infact, just the opposite!), he resorted to doing a happy dance with that extra energy.  Now he runs around the house, stops, does a little spin-around, happy-stampy-feet-kinda thing and laughs about it because we approve of this show.

These kids make me laugh so much. I can’t believe I used to do this stuff too. Childhood is such a precious time and it’s passing awfully fast!

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