Have you ever seen one of these contraptions?  This is called a carpet pool box for the purpose of playing…carpet pool.  This sits behind our church and we, being parsonage dwellers and all, get to use this every day for entertainment.  Our kids like it for its game qualities, but it’s also a really fun boat, spaceship, and hide-out.

This boy is growing himself some more teeth along with the owe-ies on all parts of his body.  Scraped knees, split toe, scratches on his face, and bruises all over.  Poor guy is 100% fourteen month old boy, tomorrow.   He makes it look painless, most of the time.

What’s not to smile about?  It’s sunny and warm, there’s no school, she gets to wear a sarong and Hawaiian jewels all day, and her brothers aren’t too bad to play with either.

Our summer’s going well.  How’s yours?  What’s making you smile these days?

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