For my favorite husband

There is a guy I love deeply, passionately.  He is the one I look to for stability and adventure, direction and spontaneity, strength and comfort.

He is a hard worker –  serious about his mission and hopeful for the future.  He is a builder of things and a leader of people. He knows how to laugh and take each day as it comes.  His hope is in God.

He is tender and playful with his children.  He disciplines with care and for a greater purpose.  His delight is teaching his kids about their Heavenly Father.  He is their greatest fan.

He is a gentle husband, leading with kindness and love.  He is considerate, sympathetic, and listens to his wife share her heart – always!  He honors her with his words and his deeds.  He’s responsible about the little things AND the big ones.

This is the man I fell in love with 13 years ago. He is my favorite, my one and only, husband.

I am a blessed woman – and I know it!!  There are a few good men out there, and I have one of the best!

I love you, Husband!


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