Sweet, tender, cherished…these are the precious moments before sleepy eyes drift off to sleep as I bask in the intimacy of mother and child in the stillness of a quieted house.  Soft cheeks rub against mine, a head nestles into my shoulder, a pudgy little hand rubs my neck, ear, hair, looking for something to yank (thankful I didn’t wear the long earrings today) in diminishing strength.

Minute after minute tick past as he struggles to let go, let go of the excitement of being one, let go of the adventure that might be just a move away. His eyes are heavy, the fists have rubbed them yet again, the head pops up once more to see what might be missed.  I smile and say, “I love you.  Nigh, night.”  He leans back, secure in the arms that hold him close, the legs that sway him back and forth.  He has no worries, only trust.  A smile mischievously dances on his round face.  Suddenly his head pops up, his mouth open he presses it to my lips for a kiss, again, and again, and again.  He loves because he’s loved.     Oh, my mommy-heart longs to treasure these moments forever.  Finally, an hour later, his day is done.  There is nothing but peace on his face as his curiosity turns to dreams.


I love being a mom!

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