image The beater

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that we got a beater truck a few months ago.  When I say a beater, I really mean it.  This baby is rusty, old, and stinks – BUT it runs and it can haul a load, and our kids think riding in it (or playing in the back) is better than cruisin’ in a luxury car.  Oh, and our dog has decided she’s in love with this thing.  She stays in the bed all day just waiting for her next ride.  We don’t even have to lock her in the back yard anymore.  She has no other place she’d rather be.  (Sorry the pic is from mid March when we had snow).  Now we’re a two car family, and life is suddenly so much easier with three kids.  🙂

The Beater

One comment

  1. We should all have that kind of perspective on things. It’s old, it’s rusty, it’s stinky? Fun!!

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