Happy 1st!

My baby is ONE!!

We celebrated this momentus occasion with a simple family party.  This is the first 1st birthday for any of our kids that we’ve not had Papas and Grammas or any other extended family in attendance.  It felt a little strange….

Half-pint helped me bake a cake (carrot was her choice), decorate with streamers, and blow-up balloons in preparation but we had more fun watching Littlest walk around with balloons in both hands commenting with his “Ah-ah-ah-ah” about everything.

Testing it out

He, like every one year old, took full advantage of a whole plate of cake in front of him by slapping, smearing, throwing, eating, licking, and face-planting in it before all was said and done.  The entertainment at this party was the birthday boy himself.  So fun!

I saved a bite for you!

Guess it’s official, our baby is no longer a baby.  He’s a Toddler!!!  Happy Birthday to our Littlest!  You are a joy and delight to all of us and we thank our Father for making you our son.  We are excited to see all the things you’ll learn and do in this next year of your life.

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