Friday at the parsonage

Wow!  Today was quite a day.

That is what remains of the BIG tree in our backyard.  If you’ve visited us, you couldn’t have missed it.  It was blocking our view, dropping pine needles everywhere, housing bees, scaring us in storms, and not allowing enough sunshine in the yard to grow strawberries during the summer – just to name a few of its short-comings.  My hubby has been on a tree removal campaign since we moved here as most of the 10 or so trees in the yard were in bad shape, or in bad locations.  This one was the final frontier, and tomorrow it will be conquered as the trunk and limbs are decimated.  (The kids will miss the forts it provided today).

Not only did this tree get expertly brought low today, but we hosted guests from New Zealand for lunch and afternoon fellowship.  In anticipation of their arrival, I’d made up a big crock-pot of chicken noodle soup (mmm, it smelled so good!), homemade french bread, ice tea, and our favorite chocolate chip cookies.  Preparations were clipping along wonderfully until I realized that our youngest’s all-morning fussiness was due to a fever. Things kinda went haywire from then on.

When our visitors finally arrived, and the tree was just about finished coming down (it only took 3 hours), I decided to dish up the soup by putting it into a serving bowl.  In my attempt to grab the big bowl on the top shelf, I knocked down a little glass dessert bowl. OOPS!  It shattered ALL over my crock-pot and the kitchen floor. The lid got cleaned off, but when I lifted it to get to the soup, little shards of glass that had lodged between the edge of the pot and the lid, slid into the long-anticipated meal!!!!!  What to do?!?!?  I very carefully scooped the contents from the middle and left the edges to be tossed.  I think we all made it through lunch without glass crystals cutting through our throats, but PHEW!  That was a close one.

Between fussy little one, and great fellowship that went longer then expected, dinner didn’t get started when it should have.  As our guests were leaving, we noticed our neighbor (who is a story in itself) limping into her house with a bandaged foot.  My loving hubby went and asked her if she needed help, or a warm meal.  She gladly accepted.

Thankfully, I had some frozen chili to warm up and with a batch of cornbread and honey-butter, a meal was on its way to her table. (While I was working in the kitchen, a friend stopped by and our kids played on the tree, using for everything from a trampoline to a toilet.  At one point, I looked out the window to see my oldest and his friend “watering” the new landscape.  Boys!!)  🙂

Fussy baby and hungry tummy’s awaited my return from the neighbors and as it was late and I was exhausted by this point, we had….wait for it…..turkey dogs, strawberries, corn bread, and water for our dinner.  Hopefully tomorrow’s meals will go more smoothly.  But hey, then I won’t have a story to tell. 

Just a taste (with no glass shards included) of our real life in the parsonage.

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