Spring Break 2012 Revisted

After my last post about practicing love, I’ve had ample opportunity to put my words into action. Spring break was wet, and rainy, and soggy.  I heard someone say we got 32 inches of rain – !!!!!!  And I don’t have a single picture of the flooding that happened, though it was spectacularly messy.  Oh well,  the view from our home confirmed it was a stuck-indoors-kinda-week.  Thankfully, modern coveniences mean there’s plenty to do around here for kids, and we all stayed fairly occupied.

Katelin got to try her hand at sewing for the first time.  She said she’s ready to make a quilt.  🙂 Hear that, Grandma?

All the kids enjoyed having their toes tickled while I slathered them with green paint to make “foot stems” for our “hand flowers”.

Did I mention it was wet?  There were puddles here, and land slides, washed-out roads, and raging rivers out “there”.  So thankful it didn’t affect us any more then having a delivery delayed.

A few warm, bubbly baths were shared for a bright, cheery play time.

When a certain brother got too pesty, Half-Pint figured out a way to keep him away.  🙂

Squeeze, giggle, love.

She asked me if I could get her an artists hat (we’d just seen TinTin).  Thankfully I have a beret, which did the job beautifully.

For the moments when we all just felt like doing nothing, Netflix was a welcome distraction.  These kids are highly motivated to cuddle up, eat popcorn, and be entertained for 2 hours.

“Singing in the rain, just singing in the rain”.  She loves her umbrella, a special gift from her Daddy!

There was one day that was drier then the others.  Everyone got kicked outside.  They didn’t seem to mind.

Rainy days are for dumping buckets out over, and over, and over.  (Thanks mom for picking them up so I can dump them again).  ~ Aren’t these fun?  I found a bucket of 100 cookie cutters at the thrift store for under $2.  So far, they’re more useful as toys then tools.

Sadie tolerated all the laziness required for such a long stint indoors.  She makes it look effortless.

She got her fair share of attention too.  At one point I saw her wearing a long gold necklace, a hair clip, and having her nose powdered.  Good times, Sweet doggy.

God is so good to allow us this time together.

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