Snakes and snails

Over a week has passed since we celebrated a very special someone’s birthday.  Seven years ago, we were walking under a star-lit sky, pausing  for contractions, and talking about what life would be like with this child, our first-born son.  We are so thankful our lives have been forever changed by this active, creative, talkative boy.

Number Seven!

Each year of life we’ve shared with you has been a joy and a blessing. We’re thankful for each moment we cuddled you as a newborn and watched as you learned to interact with the world around you; thankful for awkward toddling steps, babbled words, big toothless grins, bite marks on furniture, cupboards emptied for play, shadowed activities, stories read in our arms, Oh No Never Let Go being sung to the heavens, friends to play with, adventures on the beach, building with dad, creating with mom, exploring with your sister. We are so proud of you and who you are becoming.

Happy 7th to our Oldest.  We love you!

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