Road Trip

Despite the tragedy of just one week ago, we have had some really exciting and fun things happen in our lives recently.  One of these was rather significant too, and I dare not neglect to mention this little bit of our life for memories sake.

We were provided a trip to Disneyland!!!!  Our kids have wanted to visit all their favorite characters for a long time, but goodness that’s an expensive trip, so we told them we’d just have to pray about it and see what God provided.  Well, the proof is in the pictures.

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We had such a great time! The weather was in the mid 60’s all three days we were there – just perfect for us coast dwellers   Being the first time I’d been, I discovered the 5 to 30 minute lines were abnormally short.  The character were abundant and readily available for pictures and book signing.   The time of year was perfect for us.

Princesses topped the charts for Half-Pint and our Oldest decided the safari ride was his favorite.  I had so much fun watching them have fun, but I’d say my favorite rides were Peter Pan and Soarin!  Definitely a winner trip.

So thankful for the gift of time with our kids doing something this exciting, fun, and out of the ordinary.

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