This Friday we celebrated our oldest’s 7th birthday with a quiet family party.  Amidst the celebration preparations, we received a phone call from my friend saying she was on her way to the port a half-hour away from our town.  She’d received a call that her husband’s fishing boat had been spotted flipped over.   We started praying right away, and called others to do the same.  Needless to say, the birthday festivities were slightly dampered as we attempted to carry on, yet awaited word as to what was found. Hour after hour we received calls, texts, and visits from fellow friends and church members wanting to know what had happened.  News spread around town quickly, everyone wondering what the verdict would be.

Four agonizing hours later, we heard the dreaded words that we never expected to hear.  Sorrow filled us as we knew our young friend was coming home alone, without her man, without a dad for her children.  I was overcome with pain.  Tears did not seem to be sufficient.  I wanted to march down to those roaring waves and scream at them.  “How could you take this man?  Can’t you stop your vicious churning cycle for one moment to allow someone to escape your deathly grip?”

Thankfully, as with everything I was able to take my raw emotions to the Creator of Heaven and Earth – the One who calms storms and heals broken hearts, and hears me when I call. God’s grace poured down.  That tragic night, my friend not only mourned the husband she knew would never hold her again, but gave life-saving Good News to a friend that stopped by, and experienced God’s perfect peace as she closed her eyes in rest.

I wonder why God allowed this family to come to our tiny town a little over a year ago, to start a fishing business from scratch, to struggle through all that self-employment on the coast means for a young couple.  I wonder why He blessed us with their friendship, why our girls became beautiful buddies, why the Love Dare changed their marriage and why it was cut so short by the churning waves.  Why were they not allowed more time together, time to grow in their new faith, time to raise their children?  And now I wonder what my lovely friend will do, how she will share his memory with innocent little ones who do not understand.   The tears flow freely as I raise my questions to the One who knows.   .

We do not see the beauty from these ashes yet, but we trust our Saviour and hope in the day all will be made right.  Until then, I grieve for the loss of a good man on this earth, and the family left to find out what life will be without him.  I also pray for renewed hope and comfort as only He can give.


  1. Oh, Shannon, I am so sorry. I am so sorry. I am praying for your friend and her children. And for all you friends around her.

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