My kids like pinto beans!  No scratch that, they LOVE pinto beans ~ slow cooked to tenderness, blended, and ready for their tortilla, or just for eating plain with cheese.  My mama raised me on these during many years of slim grocery budgets when my Dad was first starting his business.  We ate them on tortillas, in soup, on bread with pickles, in salsa…with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese.  She would cook up a giant pot of them every so often and freeze bags and bags to be pulled out for many a meal.  Even today, I bet a drop-in visit would yield at least a few bags in her freezer waiting for her kids and grandkids to come enjoy a burrito meal.

Up until just recently, I have bought the fat-free refried beans from the store, neatly packed into a tin can.  Quick and easy,but not so tasty.  In efforts to reduce my grocery bill and make more foods at home, I decided to pick up a bag of uncooked pinto beans.  Best shopping decision yet!  I had forgotten how good these things taste freshly made.  And when my family agrees, that’s a decision that’s sticking around.

I usually fill my slow-cooker with about 4 cups of beans and almost to the top with water, then I throw in some salt, onion flakes, and a bay leaf or two, cook it on high half the day or more, and when it’s done, I blend until it looks like a thick malt, and ta-da, beautiful, smooth brown beans.


  1. That looks really tasty Shannon! I never thought about putting them in the blender. I always just mashed them and was unhappy at how lumpy they were haha. I missed the obvious 🙂

  2. Cool! I’ve done this before but fell out of the habit. You’ve inspired me to dig back into that bag of pinto beans in my pantry. Thanks for the quick recipe.

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