What I’m Up To

We’re halfway through February already…I can’t believe it!

My Bible study group recently finished up our study of Ephesians. It took us a long time due to sicknesses, traveling, and holidays. Such is life with family’s. Now that we’re done, we decided to take some time to focus on our marriages by taking the Love Dare.

I’m excited to spend the next 40 days blessing the socks of my man. I think he could use a little TLC after a long basketball season and the continual demands of ministry. I’ve done this dare before, but it was minus a third child and other responsibilities time has brought to my plate. I’m diving in, with the close accountability of my girlfriends. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

I’m also involved right now in a great group of ladies who have been given the assignment and privilege of starting a women’s ministry at our church. We’re in the brainstorming stages, and using this resource from Focus on the Family as a conversation starter.

I’m excited to see where God leads us, as are the other ladies of our church.

On a different note, I’ve been working on adding some breakfast recipes to my rather limited collection. Seems like that is the most difficult meal to find things my family enjoys. I’ve been getting some great ideas online but so far have only had one success in the approval department. This morning I made what I considered an amazing rendition of boring old oatmeal.


I even added dried cranberries to the recipe, but alas all of my family said NO WAY! (Keep in mind they aren’t big oatmeal fans to begin with). Thankfully, I like it so it’s not a complete waste.  I would liken it to a chocolate-oatmeal cake.  It has a crisp top layer that I really enjoyed.

Right now I have a cute blondie scrubbing her play dishes in a bowl of bubbles, waiting to make sugar cookies with me.  Time to move on with the things I’m up to right now.

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