Sometimes I don’t know what I did in a day, and if I do, I don’t know why anybody would care – unless it wasn’t done of course, in which case I’m sure someone would care a lot.  🙂  Confused?  Yes, me too – most of the time in fact.

So, on with the post. I’ve found with a baby, and a serious lack of sleep, I’m forgetting an awful lot these days.  If it wasn’t for my lists and calendar, iPhone and online bill pay, and the kind people who call/email/text me to ask about things, I seriously would forget my own name. (I have forgotten my children’s on occasion, so I’m awfully close.)  Here’s some glimpses of my yesterday, for remembrances sake.

Somebody's studying hard...more like showing off.
School time
Yeah for Spring ~ my backyard's getting some color this week.
Laundry folding. These towels I picked up at the thrift store remind me of my Grandpa. He was a surgeon and would take the piles of opened, but unused surgical towels from operations over to Africa and use them in the clinics he started there. I miss him!
Yep, we make messes too!
Much better! Wish it could stay this way for more than five minutes.
Afternoon creativity
Someone likes to sleep around here.
Afternoon snack - dark chocolate and raw almonds.
Oldest telling me what happened at school. It was quite a story 🙂
Storytime ~ priceless snuggle time with my three babies.

It was a good day!

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