Another year older

It was the annual celebration of the day of my birth today, and I woke to an empty bed. Well, mostly empty – there was one 22lb baby beside me, but my hubby was missing. Found out he was making me a birthday breakfast (peach-stuffed crepes with maple whipped cream, and my favorite, grapefruit!), and I got to eat it in bed. He surprises me constantly.

The kids had both picked out special presents that they could hardly wait for me to open, and we shared a wonderful day playing games, eating great treats from friends, and making eachother laugh. My daughter asked me over dinner if I’d had a special birthday. I’d say so, Sweetie!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes, cards, goodies, and gifts. I’m so blessed by your love.


  1. Jonathan, good job! But you’re making me look bad. Don’t let Holly hear about this 🙂
    Happy Birthday, again, Shannon!
    Your Brother,Dan

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