All in a days work

My hubby is middle school basketball coach in addition to pastor. This means on occasion there’s a scheduling conflict, such as today where he not only had a tournament an hour north, but also had a memorial to officiate not even halfway through the tourney back in small town. It all ended up working out, but it took all of us running in prefect time to accomplish the fete. From waking everyone at 6am to breakfast in the car we got the whole gang in motion and moving on time.
While he coached, I did my shopping. Look at my three little piggies.

He was able to pass the rest of the games off to his assistant coach and we booked it back with five minutes to transform a family of five back into a respectably-attired, ready-to-sit-another-two-hours (they’d been sitting all morning in car/shopping cart already) bunch.
The Lord blessed us with balmy, sunny weather for the kids *and us* to get all our wiggles out at the beach. Not a bad way to end a crazy day.


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