Storm Days

What do you call an unplanned day off school when there’s no white stuff/ice to speak of?  I don’t know, but we got two of them for the high wind/rain storm we just had.  I love these stay-at-home days where all there is to do is be together. The oldest kids spend hours imagining and playing, creating crazy stories in their heads to play out with their toys and stuffed animals.

Cups of hot chocolate, inside kid craft projects, baking, movies, naps, story reading, and random venturing out in the storm to see what it looks like around town – oh I love cuddly days like these,  and since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it sn….wait a sec… let it blow, let it rain, let it hail!

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Sorry for the poor picture quality.  We hope to remedy that soon with a new camera.

One comment

  1. Oh what a fun day your lovely children had. When we lived in Cincinnati, OH we had a snow days. One time the kids stayed home because of an ice storm. it was exciting and fun all at the same time. We had never seen an ice storm before. We had Swiss miss (sp?) and Milo (a New Zealand type of hot chocolate sent to us by family) we baked bread too. Snow days are wonderful days!

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