Nine Months

Can it really be?  Yes indeedee-do, it has been 3/4 of a year since we heard, “It’s a boy!”

And what a great nine months it’s been.

Silly Mommy left the otter pops in the cupboard.

  He is working on walking and wants to be in everything, his favorite being climbing on our dog and yanking her hair out.  For some reason this is hugely amusing to him. Hmmm…..

His other favorites right now are

  •  food, but preferably whatever we’re eating/drinking, please
  • throwing toys up and watching them crash to the floor – the louder the crash, the bigger his laugh 
  • toilet licking (did you know porcelain is cold and hard? Very enjoyable for a teething baby) and splashing (we have solved this one with a child seat)
  • opening and slamming cupboard doors
  • crawling from room to room to find what everyone is doing
  • and, MY least favorite right now, emptying bookshelves and cupboards of their contents

 He is full of energy and such a blessing to our everyday lives.  We love you big 9 month old boy! 

Another favorite: Shower-time peeking, and a lot of big laughs!

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