We just arrived home from a week and a half of vacation.  YES!!  A whole week and a half.  Granted we spent part of the time with the flu, a power outage, and our fair share of driving with a crying baby, but overall, we felt like we got rest.  I have to mention that this vacation was provided for by the generosity of so many.  From the Sitter for our dog, to the cabin and then guest house we stayed in, to the gas necessary to travel, to the games we played,  – even the tennis shoes I bought to replace my hole-y ones, it all was covered by God’s people.  We feel so incredibly blessed!

The whole trip started when we bolted out the door and started driving right after church on Christmas Day.  We hadn’t had time to grocery shop in the days preceding the 25th, so we hoped to do a little shopping before we ended up at our evening’s destination.  Little did we consider that indeed it WAS Christmas day, and most people have that one off.  Thankfully Safeway – in the last major city we passed – was open until 5pm.  We arrived there at 4:45 and shopped until they told us to get out.  Thank you Safeway!

Finally at our forest lake destination, we unpacked, ate some dinner and got the kids ready for bed.  Then our oldest got a stomach ache.  All that night and into the next day, he was lying around, visiting the bathroom, and hardly eating anything.  He threw up once, but mostly it was intestinal issues.  Despite that, the kids had a great time playing, watching a movie, swimming in the jacuzzi tub, and giggling hysterically while playing Hedbanz.

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The next morning he seemed better, which led us to plan for a trip up into the snow before the rain melted everything.  We had such a great time, though I think the Oldest mustered up the energy, because after a day of ski lessons and snow ball throwing, he spent the whole night throwing up, as did his dad, and our littlest.  The bug struck hard! Needless to say, the next day was spent nursing them all back to health as they ate Saltines and drank Gatorade.  That afternoon a wind storm picked up and we lost power for the next 24 hours.  We were sure praying the sick tummies stayed away!  Despite the darkness, we made a fun night of it by turning on flashlights and playing games.  By 7:15 we’d all called it a night and cuddled in together for a cozy family campout.  Yes, this was a restful vacation!  And thankfully, the vomiting ended up being officially over.

The next day we packed up, cleaned the cabin the best we could without electricity,  and just as we were ready to walk out, POW! The power came on.  We almost got out of there without vacuuming, but it wasn’t to be. 🙂

The rest of our vacation was spent in my hometown, staying in a friend’s guest house and visiting all sorts of friends and family.  A few shopping jaunts at the BIG stores we drool over on occasion from our distant small town got us the things we felt we really “needed”.  It’s always so nice to reconnect with loved ones, stay up late talking with friends and family, and sleep in til 8am on occasion. We have so many memories from this trip.  So many things to be thankful for!

Thanks to ALL who made this trip possible, who sacrificed so we could enjoy some down-time. Thank you for caring for us in this way.

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