A day in the life

Yesterday I did my bi-monthly “big city” trip, as a lone parent, with the two youngest.  The trip began at 9:30am.  We did some shopping at Goodwill, picked up fast food for lunch, then headed to Wal-Mart.  Sitting there feeding the littlest, I just couldn’t work up the will to go into the store.  Something about the packed parking lot and constant stream of people I was watching come in and out made me think twice, no three or four times about heading into it.  So, I changed my mind and took off to a smaller department store to find a few Christmas gifts and items I needed.  I think it was a good change of plans because I found what I was looking for at greatly discounted prices.

After a sympathy park break for my daughter, who was sick of shopping by this time, and a short snooze for the littlest, we headed to the much dreaded Dr appointment that this trip was based on to get both kids immunized.  We’d talked about this appointment for weeks and prepared the best we could  with our girl who is TERRIFIED of doctors, hospitals, clinics, needles, etc.  We’d even discussed the treat she would get for going through this ordeal.  She’d worked up the courage to smile and laugh with the nurse and Dr for the check-up portion of the appointment because as she said, “I want to be able to go to school next year so I’m being brave!” (The nurse had to get her blood pressure reading three times because it was so erratic). But suddenly, when the staff left to get the needles, fear took over and  she dove under a desk, curled into a ball and  wouldn’t come out.  Needless to say, it was a few intense minutes while three of us worked together to get her immunized.  So glad that’s done for the next six years!  Oh yes, and baby was immunized too.  I almost cried myself!  Thankfully, Half-pint recovered very quickly and even thanked the Dr and nurse.

Soooo, just two (REALLY LONG) hours later, we walked out of the Dr’s office to the sun setting and I still had all my grocery shopping to do.  Half-pint got her treat from the establishment framed with golden arches and off we went to the grocery store.  Thankfully there was a car-shaped shopping cart to make the process more adventurous.  Between bathroom breaks, a sleepy baby, two long waits in the line at the pharmacy (found out Half-pint had a double ear infection at her appointment), leaving all my coupons in the car, and a cashier slower than molasses, we finally made it out of the store with all our goods.

At 7pm, after another drive through meal, we were on the road back home.  Of course baby and child were completely exhausted, but not able to sleep. Despite soothing Christmas music, Baby cried almost the whole way home.  Pulling in to the driveway at 8pm, I unpacked the kids and called it a night.  Hey, it was freezing out, nothing would spoil.  (Thankfully, my hubby unloaded everything for me, but seriously I thought about leaving it all in the car).


It is always so nice to be back home.  The one consolation I have in doing this kind of trip once or twice a month is that I’m done for at least  another two weeks. No shopping in between.  It’s great….in that sense.   The few items I didn’t get because I skipped the Wal-Mart madhouse were quickly ordered online when I got home.

Another day in the life of a mom.


  1. Oh boy does that sounds like my life here!! Town days are so packed with activity that they are completely exhausting!! I always end up needing a coffee for the drive back or those switchbacks and curves quickly lull me to sleep…arghhh

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