Slowing Down

We are officially the slow pokes on the road now, thanks to our residency in small town America where the fastest street in town touts the enormous number of 30(MPH).  This is not to say people don’t go faster.  Just heard from our police friend that he caught someone going 97!  However, that would not be us. We usually feel like 30’s just a little too fast. After all it only takes five minutes (maybe) to get from one side of town to the other going 25. And who knows what you might miss if you went faster.

This last week we were in California for a few days.  This seemed like a great opportunity to see if our speedometer can even track over 55 anymore.  Unfortunately for all the kind CA drivers, we felt like we were speeding at 45, so we didn’t even reach our cruising speed.  I can’t tell you how many people passed us.  Oh well, it’s nice to be noticed.  🙂

Guess we are slowing down.  Never saw this day coming so early in life.

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