Good Old Flannelgraph

We don’t use flannelgraph in our Sunday school anymore due to the ease of power point and DVD’s and all the other great tools out there now, but thanks to a recent boxful my mom passed on to me from my grandma, we are now the owners of a whole set, plus some. And when I say a boxful, I mean a big apple box full!

As a kid I remember my Sunday school teacher using these and I enjoyed listening and watching her play out the stories of the Bible with the flannel characters and backgrounds, but I wasn’t allowed to touch….and you know what that means – I wanted to!!  🙂  So, when we received this whole boxful and my kids said, “Can we play with it?”, I immediately let them go to town.

For the Bible tells me so

After trying to keep it all organized (men in one folder, women in another, vegetation in another, etc, etc, etc) for about a month, I decided to just let my kids have free reign with it.  They have to keep it cleaned up when not in use, but the organization is their’s to do and they LOVE it.  All throughout the day I’m hearing stories of the Bible, or other made up stories being played out with the “flannel people”.  I had paper dolls growing up, but these are even better because they stick to things, and changes of clothes will stick to them.

If you’re ever trying to think of a good present, this would be a winner!  They are quiet,- minus the shouts for Jericho to fall – no batteries required, allow for all sorts of imaginative play, and all the primary ages love them.  Infact, when we have kids at our house, these are ALWAYS a hit and the whole bedroom becomes a board for playing out a story of one kind or another.

You can find Bible and other great characters at , rummage sales, or wherever churches are cleaning out.  You could probably get some from us too 🙂  We have just a few.


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