This, my biggest boy loves to create things, whether it’s on paper, wood, dirt, food ,metal, chalk, or whatever.  He can spend hours with a box and some duct tape and come up with a multi-functional boat, or go-cart, or whatever his engineering mind decides it should be.  There’s been many a time when I’ve come into the” work” area he’s in and discovered a huge mess of bolts, screws, paint, tape, tools, and anything else he’s scavanged for, only to find that he’s created a masterpiece of one kind or another. The bigger the mess, the greater the idea has become in his mind and usually he’s not satisfied with it. Something more will have to be done.   Yesterday he decided to create the wrapping paper for a friend’s birthday gift, camo colored no less.  Today, he found some bendy sticks and created a “fish-catcher” after wrapping fishing wire all around the circular shape he’d bent the sticks into.  Maybe tomorrow he’ll take on our town’s water system problems.  It’s so fun to see him using the creative abilities God has given him.

I love this kid!!

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