Attention Getter

Today was my hubby’s day-off so we spent a majority of it an hour from home doing our “big town” shopping trip that happens about twice a month.  Kids always draw attention, and my first two could draw a crowd to coo and bask in their cuteness, but our littlest is a head turner because of his boisterous personality.  He not only makes all sorts of happy sounds and movements as he sits in the cart, or rides in the front pack, but when someone happens to glance his way, he is a complete ham with a huge toothless grin and cute little *attention-getting* cough to go with it.  If he can’t get someone to smile back or come his way, he’ll just keep at them until they melt and give into his charms.  He cracks me up!  Maybe it’s a third child thing, but he is good at this!  Must be because he practices on his big brother and sister all day.

Look at me!

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