Walking worthy

I’m leading a mom’s Bible study in my home, and we’re going through the book of Ephesians.  When the ladies said they wanted to go through Ephesians a few months ago, I honestly had the thought that I wouldn’t get a lot out of studying it again since I’ve gone through the book so many times. What was I thinking?  The Word of God is “alive and active” (Heb 4:12).  After I repented of that lapse in faith – yes, even pastor’s wives have to do that :-), I went ahead and ordered a study from a familiar author that I have enjoyed in the past, Elizabeth George.

Wow! This study has been a blessing like I couldn’t have imagined.  I see God using it not only in my life, but in the lives of the other ladies. It’s not that this particular study guide book has some special way of going through Ephesians, it’s that God’s Word is being studied and applied – something we all need regardless of age!   I’m so awed by Christ’s power to transform our minds and lives.  I have especially been challenged in my prayer life to focus my requests on the spiritual needs of others rather than the things we love to pray for like safety and physical wants. I want my prayers to look more like Paul’s in chapters 1 & 3 of Ephesians.

I’m also using the study book by Warren Wiersbe in my own preparation time.  What are you studying these days, and how is it changing your life?

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